Window Seat Cushions - Beautiful, Attractive & Useful

Window seat cushions have been the popular accessories for window seats since the 18th century, when Georgian architecture dominated the architectural scene. At the time, nearly all houses had tall narrow sash windows so window seats are very common. There have been no significant changes to window seats since their invention. They are still as high as regular chairs and identical at both ends today.

Window seat cushions have two main functions: to make window seats more relaxing and comfortable and to make rooms look more beautiful. Cushions make seats more comfortable by taking away the pressure brought about by the angularity and hardness of wood, concrete or metal–the common materials of window seats.

The softness of the cushions makes window seats ideal for taking naps or simply for sitting.

Window seat cushions add beauty to rooms containing window seats. They have prints which range from solid colors, to checkers and stripes, to full images. They can be made to match any room designs and motifs.

They can be also be used as a way to express oneself. The materials commonly used for making cushions (polyester, Sunbrella, acrylic) are resistant to fading, so they can be kept as decorations for extended periods of time.

Here's quick three steps to make your own window seat cushion:

  • Step One
  • First step measure the length and width of the window seat. Just buy a square foam or take some foam squares from your old sofa cushions.

  • Step Two
  • Use a sharp kitchen knife or scissors to cut the foam to about an inch and half smaller than the window seat.

  • Step Three
  • Last step is just to buy a sheet and cover the cushion. Even better, make your own cover with old sheets. Sew the edges and leave one short end open. Insert the cushion and hand sew the open end closed. Now you're ready to cover your cushion with your pretty outside cover.

The cushions can be made to fit the exact shape of the window seats. There are rectangular as well as trapezoidal ones. Corners can either be rounded or angular. Some cushions have both angular and rounded corners. There are different thicknesses and trims available.

Single or double cording can make the cushions look more polished. There are companies which offer customization so finding the right cushions is easy.

Window seat cushions are usually accompanied by throw pillows. Throw pillows complement or match the designs of the cushions, making rooms look even better. The cushions and the pillows together make rooms ideal for comfort and relaxation.