Treating Tailbone Pain With Stool Cushions

A lot of people suffer bone and muscle pain due to daily activities. Even the act of sitting down can cause pain in the back and tailbone regions. For this reason, people either get special cushions for their seats, or avoid chairs which cause them much discomfort and pain.

Probably one of the most uncomfortable types of chairs is the stool, with its long legs, small seating area and no backrest (though some stool varieties do have backrests). Now, if for some reason, you really have to sit on a stool regularly, then a stool cushion is the perfect alternative for you.

Stool cushions started out as a popular trend for people who need comfortable chairs which match the rooms decor (these cushions come in an assortment of shapes, colors and materials). However, some companies have begun to manufacture stool cushions which give more than just comfort, but pain relief as well.

There are four types of cushions to choose from:

  • Foam Stool Cushions
  • Foam is considerably popular because it is very comfortable. The best foam cushion will provide you with great support and also mold itself to the contour of the user. The only bad thing about foam cushions is that they lose their shape for long periods of usage.

  • Gel Stool Cushions
  • Gel cushions are made by adding gel pouches atop of a foam base. This makes it rather heavy and it may spring a leak too. Their main function is to provide support for your lower back.

  • Air Flotation Stool Cushions
  • These cushions provide support by air alone. Even though they don't provide enough stability they are very comfortable.

  • Urethane Honeycomb Stool Cushions
  • This comfortable cushion distributes body weight perfectly. It has a special beehive pattern which allows for increased airflow. It also boast lightweight and has shock absorption features. So this cushion is no doubt one of the more popular cushions.

Ultimately, the type of wheelchair cushion you choose will depend upon your individual needs. Of course you will want to go for what is comfortable but you also need the cushion that is best suited for your medical condition.

If you are not sure what to choose you can ask your doctor or nurse for a recommendation. Since you will probably purchase your wheelchair cushion at a medical supply store, you can also discuss your needs with the medical professionals who work their since they are very knowledgeable about medical equipment.

Fortunately, stool cushions add extra layers of padding between the tailbone area and the surface of the chair. Some cushions are even made with special material that can maintain temperature. You can even stay in the same position for hours, without having to worry about cramps or tailbone pain.