Get Your Game On With Stadium Seat Cushions

Many avid game fans think that its not enough just to support your favorite team on TV while reclining in a comfy couch. For them, a game is not complete if they are not at the stadium themselves, cheering on their favorite team while munching on some peanuts, sweating amidst crowded conditions, and sore in the buttocks area because of hard stadium seats.

Now, with the invention of stadium seat cushions, it's possible to go all out for your team while making yourself comfortable.

There are two main designs for stadium seat cushions: one is the typical stadium seat, while the other is the bleacher seat. Stadium seat cushions have backrests and support for the tailbone region, while bleacher seat cushions only have bottom padding. The cushions are made with special foam which adjusts to the shape of a person's body, so you don't have to be all rigid while maintaining a suitable posture.

The cushion is built to distribute a person's body weight so that no part or area is more stressed than the others. The foam and outer material is also durable so that no matter how many times you stand up and sit down repeatedly while cheering on your team, the cushion won't get bent out of shape.

Here are some examples of stadium seat cushions:

  • Foam Cell Stadium Seat Cushions
  • Stadium seat cushions are designed to be used on bleachers – however they also work well on molded and formed stadium seats. The cheapest cushion is made from thick, foam cell that can mold itself to your bottom. The least expensive are made from thick, foam cell that molds to the shape of your bottom to keep you comfy. A lot of sport teams have their logos and team name printed on these cushions. Show your team how proud you are by picking a stadium seat cushion in your team's color.

  • Stadium Seat Cushions with Back Support
  • One of the reasons why bleacher seats are uncomfortable is that they have no backs! You can counter that with a specially made stadium seat cushion with a back. It has side straps that adjust to your back for a more comfortable position and keep it in place.

  • Warmed Stadium Seat Cushions
  • Never heard of this cushion? Well, this cushion warms your bottom obviously. Sitting on icy bleacher seats on a midnight game is a sure fire way to have a chill through your body – but a stadium seat cushion with a heater can make your body toasty warm and fired up for the game.

Some of the more expensive brands even have a thermal system which cools your body during specially hot and humid games.

Sure, the aches that come along with watching each game faithfully may be a sign that you're devoted, but toting these cushions to your next game won't just make you more comfortable, it will make you stand out above the crowd.