Back Support Cushions - Do They Work?


Back support cushions can be used for car seats, dining chairs, folding chairs and any other type of chair with backrests. The cushions are usually made of polyurethane foams and covered by nylon fabric, which makes them sponge washable. Other materials commonly used for making these cushions are acrylic, olefin and polyester–all synthetic.

There are many designs for back support cushions. The designs vary depending on the type of chair the support cushions will be used for. The back feels stress if there is a space between the lower back and the chair. There should be full contact between the lower part of the chair and the lower back to have full support. Wide-backed chairs require wide thick back cushions while narrow seats require thin back cushions.

There are some reasons why these pillows are better than the rest. Here are some main reasons:

  • Flexibility: Back support cushions are very flexible - they practically mold themselves into the curvature of your spine and make you comfortable. Thus, your back will receive full back support. If you are having spine problems or back pain, this is the chance for you to recover some spine health.

  • Mobility: These cushions are lightweight and easy to carry around. You can practically carry these cushions almost anywhere - to the office, to the car, to the patio, hotel etc. So you can carry comfort everywhere you go.

  • Usability: These cushions are easy to use as they can be fitted on any seats. The back support cushions will mold to the shape of your spine and reduce stress on your back.

  • Cost: The cushions are surprisingly cheap. The cost-to-benefit ratio is unbelievable since you get a lot of the benefits at a very low cost.

There are also back support cushions with designs based on how long or how often they are used. There is a kind of back cushion designed for extended use, like in desk jobs and offices. It fits most conventional chairs and minimizes the space between the backrest and the lower back. There is also a kind of support cushion for people who experience back pains when they are driving. These cushions are smaller than regular back cushions since they need to fit exactly into drivers’ seats.

The cushions also come in different colors and can be used to make seats look more attractive. There is a wide range of colors and some cushions even have images printed on them.