Useful and Decorative Chaise Lounge Cushions

Chaise lounge cushions are a special kind of cushion used for chaise lounges–reclining chairs with long seats to accommodate outstretched legs. Chaise lounges are great for relaxation, napping or bathing in the sun.

Cushions make the chairs more comfortable by neutralizing the pressure from the hardness and angularity of the chairs’ materials.

Since chaise lounges are usually used outdoors, the materials for their cushions need to be able to resist rain, the sun and other external elements. Common materials used are polyester, acrylic, olefin, Outdura and Sunbrella.

Chaise lounge cushions usually have two parts: short part for the back and a long part for the seat. Some cushions can be fixed to the chairs while some can be detached. The detachable ones can be reversible or not. The cushions can be stitched, quilted or channeled. They come in different colors or prints, making them useful as decorations.

These materials are light-weight and durable, making them ideal for cushioning. Their durability allows their owners to save some money since there is no need to constantly replace them. Also, there are different chaise lounge cushion designs which have different prices, so potential buyers have a wide range of choices.

Here are some examples of chaise lounge cushions:

  • Avalon Chaise Lounge Cushion - This lounge cushion is made from water-resistant outdoor material which and can not only endure any elements of nature but is also fade resistant. So this cushion is perfect for outdoors, swimming pools, gardens and even beaches.

  • Canine Chaise Lounge - This unique chaise lounge is perfect for pets and pet owners. It boast a Velcro that secures and stabilise the whole lounge. It also comes with a large pillow which is machine washable. This chaise lounge cost about $300.
  • Sleek Dog Chaise Lounge - This chaise lounge is made from stylish Microfiber material and filled with HR Reflex double foam base upholstery. Its stylish design was inspired by a company of home celebrity furnishing. It comes with a removable cover and is machine washable.

  • Eucalyptus Outdoor Chaise Lounge - It is made from Eucalyptus and is perfect for outdoor use. This head turning and attractively designed furniture boast a removable cushion that is ideal for a garden. It also cost around $300.

Aside from their practicability, chaise lounge cushions are also good for decorative purposes. The cushions are available in different colors and prints, so they can be made to match any kind of outdoor environment. There are plain-colored cushions, stripes, floral designs, and many others so it would not be hard to find one that matches your taste.

Furthermore, there are companies that offer customization of the cushions. You can choose the shapes, colors or prints and even the material.