Car Seat Cushions - Why Your Car Seat Needs Them

car seat cushions

Many hours of driving behind the wheel, or driving for short distances frequently can cause pain in the back and tailbone. This is usually caused by improper posture while driving or sitting for long periods, thereby decreasing proper blood flow to the back and coccyx regions.

People experience sharp pain in the back whenever they stand up from a sitting position, or even experience intermittent pain in these areas even when not driving a car. If uncorrected, these might lead to pain in the joints, muscles and even inflammation in the spinal colon. Fortunately, car seat cushions were invented for the purpose of back and coccyx pain relief and prevention.

Doctors recommend the use of car seat cushions to relieve pain in the back or coccyx areas (more commonly known as butt area). Driving limits a person's movements and more often than not, people only assume one or two seating positions throughout the whole trip. This is specially true for people with hectic schedules, who don't adjust their sitting position every now and then.

Car seats solve this problem by distributing pressure thoroughly throughout the back and coccyx area, thereby preventing too much pressure build-up in only one area. Some cushions even cater to one specific pressure point, which can either be the thigh, neck, waist or back.

Here are some reasons why normal car seats don't work:

Most seats in cars, buses and even airplanes has something called the reverse spring effect. Bad seats forces your torso to lean backwards. This causes stress on your back as it overstretches.

Tall people will often have their knees higher than their hips, which is a very bad seating posture.

Inexpert drivers also haves a common seat related problem. They often shift the center of the mass to the other thigh when they release the clutch pedal with their left foot. This causes the line connecting the shoulders and the hips to be all screwed up. If these lines are not parallel, the vertebras in the spine will suffer unnecessary compression.

These cushions are made with special foam and designed with a special contour to adjust to a person's back to give comfort, specially for those extra long trips. Car seat installation is made easy by side straps, which secure the cushion onto the car seat. It can easily fit with all types of car seats.

Some cushions have thermosensitive features which radiate heat, as well as vibrating massagers, for instant relief from back pain.

People who go on long trips might opt for cushions made of polyester to prevent sweat and stains from sticking to the cushion. Also, most cushions can be folded for easy storage. With car seat cushions, your back is guided to a proper sitting position without making you feel uncomfortable, thereby preventing more backaches and giving you more opportunities to just enjoy your drive.


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